Trailer Tuesday | July 19, 2016

All About Section 377 - Section 377 is a law that exists in India which prohibits a person from expressing their love and affection to a person of the same sex. This eye-opening series aims to inform their audiences on problems the Indian LGBTQ community faces.

Gridlocked - Some would say that living in LA, a lot of their time is spent on the 405 freeway. This series stars Zach Gold, playing a different role in every episode and the hilarious but bitter truth of driving on the 405.

High'rd Help If you haven't met Ava and her guardian angel Charlie, now's your chance! Check out the season one trailer of this Canadian favorite series and get caught up before next week's season two premiere!

The Fob and I - An insightful web series following the lives of two Indian women, cousins, one an Americanized Indian and the other fresh off the boat (FOB) from India. The series divulges into the cultural differences and how the cousins find more similarities in each other than differences.

High Maintenance - A Vimeo original, soon headed to HBO, follows the life of a nameless cannabis dealer and his adventures dealing to the colorful personalities of his city. Check out the full series so far before its HBO premiere!

The Katering Show - Featured on ABC ivew, Fullscreen and YouTube, this Aussie duo takes to the Internet to host their version of a cooking show. Self-proclaimed food intolerant, Kate McCartney joins her intolerable smug foodie co-host Kate McLennan as they attempt to put together a wide range of recipes.