Trailer Tuesday | July 25, 2017

All About ManosBeing obsessed with your crush when you're a teen doesn't seem as creepy right now, but when those similar obsessions carry over to your adult life...well there's definitely something creepy about it. Check out this dark comedy today.

Breakfast: The SeriesCreated by Matthew Guddernatch, this comedic series follows your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl doesn't seem to feel it...So instead of cutting it off, they eat breakfast together for months in hopes of some spark. Catch the series today!

The YOU & The METwo gay men, an atheist and a spiritual junkie walk into a bar...Wait, that's not right...Two gay men, an atheist and a spiritual junkie form an unlikely friendship as they negotiate a perplexing world of child stars, fitness gurus and more. Check out season one now.

BFF SeriesWren and Celeste are BFFs, so naturally they do what BFFs do and sneak out to trick-or-treat. Little do they know, it's about to flip their worlds upside down. Check out the series trailer and stay tuned for its premiere this fall.

Ravenclaw RulesA web series for every Harry Potter fan, this series follows five first year Ravenclaws at Hogwarts, set in 2017, and follows them throughout their years at school. It's cute and witty and will have every fan wanting to re-read the beloved book series again! Watch it here.

Who Is Jimmy the Bag?In short, Jimmy is a douchebag, correction he's the man voted "World's Biggest Douchebag," in an online poll, naturally. Check out the documentary-styled web series today and let us know if Jimmy's living up to the all hype!