Trailer Tuesday | July 26, 2016

AlgoRhythm - From Craig Benzine AKA Wheezy Waiter comes his new web series with New Form Digital, following Linus and his misfortunes in his work life and overall life in general. Check out the series premiere tomorrow on Go90!

F to 7th - An older web series but still a great one, this series follows Ingrid Jungermann's journey as she struggles to find her place in the world where sexuality and gender have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind.

Knights of New Jersey - Set in the world of Renaissance Faire reenactors, this series gives us the BTS look into the lives of Renaissance Faire reenactors that we probably never wanted to know but are now dying to know more about.

Brains - This series takes place on a college campus three years after a zombie outbreak. Alison Sumner a neuropsychology student vlogs her experiences to show life after the zombie outbreak. Season two premieres September 16th!

House 34 - Have you ever lived with people who you just couldn't get along with? This series shares the far too hilarious but truthful acts that disagreeing roommates sometimes fall into. Check out the series now!

Out With Dad - Six years ago this web series debuted and absolutely blew audiences away. Follow the story of Rose and her struggles of coming out and self acceptance, and the beautiful relationship that blossoms with her single father.