Trailer Tuesday | August 8, 2017

Adam and EveThey've been kicked out of Eden for only 20 minutes and Eve's already not feeling the man she's meant to populate the Earth with. So what's a girl to do? Avoid him, naturally. Check out the award-winning series now streaming on Amazon!

Anyone But Me - Created by Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, the series introduces a new generation teens: gay, straight and ethnically diverse, struggling with identity and modern relationships. Watch the three seasons today.

OminousA horror anthology series from Jerks Productions, Ominous follows a group of friends who discover a strange book with some strange stories. Check out the series today.

Another CastleFrom Popcorn & Wine Productions, comes their first web series following two geeky best friends who move to LA to pursue their passions in nerdom only to find themselves faced with the male-dominated subculture. The series premieres later this fall.

Low SpiritsThe scripted mystery/horror comedy series takes viewers on a choose your own adventure style of storytelling allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the stories. Check out the trailer! 

Swerve - We've seen the teasers and now we have the official full trailer as Elise prepares to return home after her "vacation" in the woods. Season two premieres September 2nd.