Trailer Tuesday | August 15, 2017

Any Other Rosie - From Stuck in a Story Productions comes their third web series based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, following Rosie Capulet, a famous vlogger. Be sure to tune in on September 6th for the series premiere.

Janny Jelly - Hosted by misguided Janny Jelly, this satirical take on traditional children's TV teaches children the lessons you don't want them to learn. Join Janny Jelly Check out the series today.

Taley Time - Hosted by Charles Scrivens (R. Max Gibson), this web series features original fairy tales, commentated by Charles himself. Check out the first few episodes today.

Happy Street - When a scientist, who has had too much to drink, comes up with an idea too good to be true, things begin to spiral. Catch this new Swedish comedic crime web series premiering September 16th.

Mars: Interstellar Adventures - Mars is an avatar of planet Mars and soon discovers she can't simply live a life without consequences. Learn more about the series currently going looking for funding.

Unverified - A mockumentary series created by Alex Cubis satirizes white privilege and the industry in this comedic series. Check out recent episodes of the series as Cubis takes on even more heated political topics.