Trailer Tuesday | August 29, 2017

Belushi's ToiletThis sci-fi/rave series follows a group of friends who risk their relationships and sanity to create the perfect new recreational drug. Oh and did we mention in this space all drugs are legal? Yep! Season one is bingeable today.

It's Complicated - The girls are back, well kind of. After season one, we pick up six months after the girls have started dating. While things are all sunshine and roses, reality hits them hard when Skye receives a scholarship to study abroad.

Trouble CreekSmall town, big problems. After a family inherits a notorious house in town, things just start to get even more troublesome. Interested? Watch the first season today.

Doomsday - Want to completely freak yourself out? Check out the Yesterday's Promise, a millennial cult hidden in the mountains. The series jumps between present day heading towards doomsday and flashbacks on each character's journey to Yesterday's Promise.

Split - "Can one single event redirect the path of my life?" An early decision in a young girl's life quite literally splits her life in two, sending her off on two parallel life paths into very different futures. Catch the pilot today.

You Suck at EverythingFrom the creators of You Suck at Cooking, comes their debut web series on Full Screen. There's too many things in the world to be good at, so here's a web series to remind you that you just my suck, at everything. Catch the 9-episode series only on Fullscreen.