Trailer Tuesday | September 5, 2017

IntuitiveFans of the Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure books will get a kick out of this series. You become the star of the series as each episode ends with a question needing an answer and who's there to answer it? You. Check out the series today.

Mondays - For Kelly, it seems like everyday is Monday and we all know what a fucking drag that is. So will the 20-something-year-old every make it out of her rut? Who's to say, but until then, we have new episodes every Monday. Catch them today.

Twenty - What's this? Another LGBTQ web series to fill the gap in our gay hearts? Yes, but also no. The series follows Maya, an openly gay musician on a mission to break her vices and become a better overall human being for her friends. The series explores interpersonal relationships through comedic value (of course) and makes us wonder why we do the things that we do and works to accurately portray LGBTQ women. The series is available today.

Jenny Jennings - First year photography student at university, Jenny, is on the search for her biological father. A co-production by The Director's Logbook and Little Betty Films, this vlog-styled series just might win your heart over. Check it episodes 1-13 today.

Riley Parra - From tello films comes their latest web series based on Geonn Cannon's original series. It's the gay Rizzoli & Isles we always wanted as we follow a detective struggling to do the right thing in a corrupt department. Catch the series exclusively on tello.

What the FolksDice Media does it again with their latest web series, What the Folks, following a married couple who is forced to live with the wife's parents for a few weeks. Know who's not having it? Nikhil, the husband. Check out the series and prepare yourselves for some in-law humor I'm sure any couple will be able to relate to.