Trailer Tuesday | September 19, 2016

ADVOCATES - Created by Chloe Curran, the series takes place within a GLAAD-type organization and pokes fun at the stereotypes that fall within the LGBTQ community. The series features queer characters played by real queer actors. The series is currently undergoing funding. To learn more check out their campaign.

Edgar Allen Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party - Shipwrecked Comedy brings us together for a murder mystery dinner thrown by Poe himself. Invited are some of history's most famous authors to partake in a murder mystery game but of course, things don't go as planned. You can check out the series now

Red Sleep - A neo-noir psychological thriller following a framed inmate who in exchange for his freedom partakes in a US military drug experiment for sleep substitutions. The series follows him two years later after taking on a new life but the drug's side effects begin to take effect and the company that he made the deal with is back in the picture. Check out the eight-episode series now.

The Booth at the End - Meet The Man sitting in the far corner of a diner. You walk in, give him a password and if you're right, he'll hear you out to grant you a wish but it comes with a price. Do you want to make a deal with The Man? Check out the trailer above and watch the first two seasons now on YouTube for just $3.99.

#Hashtag - The tello films series follows the love lives of two best friends, Liv and Skylar who are a tad bit attached to social media and that's just putting it mildly but follow them as they learn some real-life consequences of over-indulging in the virtual world. Two seasons are available now exclusively on tello.

This is Taylor - From GayWomenChannel comes their original web series shared daily via their Snapchat. Starring Justine Nelson, Gwenlyn Cumyn and Felice Simone, the series follows Taylor (Nelson) as she comes to terms with her sexuality with the help of BFF Kelsey (Simone) and some lady kisses from Madison (Cuymn).