Trailer Tuesday | September 26, 2017

Battle for DenmarkHamlet is brought to life in a vlog-styled series following Horatio and Hamlet's story as they work on the Claudius mayoral campaign. Catch the series today.

Getting Back with Dave Benson - After offending quite possibly everyone on the internet, the spoof series follows Dave and Ryan on their quest for fame. Episodes available now.

Plus One - Fall in love with this group of friends as they work through the trials and tribulations of dating. Exclusively on tello films

EastSiders - One of the more popular LGBTQ web series out there, EastSiders follows the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple. Watch the series now on Netflix.

Oregon Trail - Meet the group of high schoolers looking to recreate the perilous journey across the Oregon trail. Will they set aside their differences and make it work? Catch the first episode today.

Ran and Jaden - A satirical take on the typical gay, Canadian millennial - follow Ran and Jaden as they try to navigate becoming adults...and fail.