Web Series Wednesday | Matchless

What? Matchless

Who? Written by Olivia D'Agostino and Bianca Fuller. Starring: Barbara Eaker, Olivia Grey, Daelyn Locklar, Matthew Militano, Diana Riley and Matt Robin. Produced by Ominous Illusion Studios and Rubber Films. Directed by Destiny Hernandez.

Why Should I Watch? The series recently premiered earlier this month after a successful Kickstarter campaign earning them 146% of funding in just three days! If that isn't impressive, I really don't know what is.

The series follows the life of Alex (Diana Riley), she's your average university student and you know, the only daughter of Lucifer (Matt Robin), as in the fire breathing Lucifer but he just goes by Lu for short. What intrigued me the most about the series was their tag line: "Forget what you know about the devil and let a woman tell his story for once." BOOM. MIC DROP. In an industry filled with men running the show, it's refreshing to see creators, especially within the web series world, really focus on the empowerment of women both on and off the screen, but back to the series!

 Burn baby burn, disco infernooooo  Credit: YouTube

Burn baby burn, disco infernooooo
Credit: YouTube

 Mother knows best.  Credit: YouTube

Mother knows best.
Credit: YouTube

Alex is having a hard enough time trying to fit in and deal with her family life but then she starts developing powers and can't really find the answers as to why. In the first episode alone we see her testing out her new skills as she dunks her hand in a mug of steaming hot coffee, with zero reaction. As she continues to develop her powers, Alex takes to documenting everything via vlog. With zero help from daddy dearest, Alex relies on best friend Wes (Matthew Militano) and her mom (Barbara Eaker) but things get turned upside down when she meets Lydia Dawson (Olivia Grey), the daughter of an angel. 

 Best friend bonding time over Mario Kart is the best!  Credit: YouTube

Best friend bonding time over Mario Kart is the best!
Credit: YouTube

D'Agostino and  Fuller make a great duo in writing the series and fun fact, D'Agostino was also the writer behind the web series High'rd Help! I'm particularly fond of the interaction between Alex and her mother and how natural it is. I don't want to give too much away but there's quite a bit to elude to in the second episode, who is Wes talking about? Is it Lydia? Is it her father? SO MANY QUESTIONS NOT ENOUGH ANSWERS! But hey, only time will tell!

In addition to the series, Matchless has some great transmedia going on via Alex's Tumblr and Twitter, giving you more insight into the story and even some characters that aren't on screen! 

Where Can I Watch? The series is currently running right now, you can catch up on the first three episodes and some awesome BTS videos at the Ominous Illusion Studios YouTube channel and check in every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM EST for brand spanking new episodes! Follow, subscribe and be sure to tell us what you think of Matchless.

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