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  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? 9 Days with Cambria

Who? Written and directed by Jason Armstrong and Mike Klassen. Starring: Kathryn Aboya, Emily Alatalo, Sharon Belle, Raven Cousens, Heath Horejda, Cydney Penner, Jessica Vano, Chandler Loryn, Kat Inokai and Rachel Sellan.

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Why should I watch? It wasn't too long ago that topics such as sexual assault, mental health, addition and more were beginning to be talked about. Today those topics are still the centers of conversations but in a more positive and educational light.

9 Days with Cambria is amazing. It delivers a firsthand look at what something like sexual assault and mental illness can do to someone as they slowly delayer themselves and talk about them. Creator Jason Armstrong and his team at Skeleton Key Films have created such a moving story giving audiences both the dark and the light side of things.

The series focuses on one girl, Cambria portrayed not by one or two actors, but nine, each one giving a new breath of life into the lead as we learn more and more about the girl's past, how it's affected her present and quite possibly her future. Despite the difference in presentations from each actor, they somehow completely embody Cambria and deliver her in a way that I don't think could have been done by just one person. This series is definitely not one to be taken lightly, don't expect lighthearted banter or comedic one-liners, this series is raw, emotional and real.

 Emily Alatlo as Cambria  Credit: YouTube

Emily Alatlo as Cambria
Credit: YouTube

 Kathryn Aboya as Cambria  Credit: YouTube

Kathryn Aboya as Cambria
Credit: YouTube

Two episodes that stand out in particular are the second and third as we learn about Cambria's first true love. In one episode we get the romance side of things, the side that gives you butterflies but then it takes a dark twist and leaves you a bit bewildered. The third episode is a continuation of that same relationship but the results of it are that much more gruesome and the actress playing Cambria in that episode, Kathryn Aboya, captures the heartbreak and fear so perfectly you feel like you're there with here.

In my opinion I think this series is just absolutely beautiful and groundbreaking. It's eye educational in a sense that these are things we should continue to talk about with everyone so that stigmas one day will hopefully cease to exist. 

Where can I watch? The series is currently available on YouTube via Skeleton Key Films' channel. With a total of nine episodes, six are available now with new episodes every Monday at 11 AM EST.

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