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What? Acting Dead

Who? Written by Brian Beacock. Directed by Allen David Morgan. Starring: Brian Beacock, Jillian Clare, Chris Galya, Paul Nygro, Patrika Darbo, John Yelvington, Carolyn Hennesy, John J, York, Sean Kanan, Sheila Sheila, Cocoa Brown, Debbie Gibson, Erik Martsolf, Gary Lane, Lary Lane, Peter Vogt, Christine Lakin and Erin Matthews.

Why Should I Watch? Actors Tate (Beacock) and Alex (Clare) are struggling to make it in Hollywood, but it isn't just any Hollywood, it's zombie Hollywood. The only way to make it work, is by joining the masses of undead. The series hilariously follows Tate and Alex as they struggle with getting used to their new lives. Refusing to admit defeat due to his lack of bookings, Tate finds a way around it and decides to become a zombie and is determined more than ever.

Unlike most web series, Acting Dead,has an impressive sequence of opening credits, really showcasing their production value. The ensemble as a whole has a natural fluidity about them with nothing coming off too forced or too less of something.

This satirical dark comedy is a renowned web series having earned recognition from web fests across the country, Australia and most recently, Patrika Darbo who portrays Margot Mullen, Tate's agent, was awarded an Emmy award for Oustanded Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama.

Where Can I Watch The series released earlier this year is available in its entirety on Vimeo or on the series' website. And if you're curious for more, you can check out their trailer here.

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