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  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? All of Them

Who? Created by Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez. Starring Osy Ikhile, Isabelle Bonfrer, Laya Lewis, Karis Beckingham, Scott Clee, Sarah-Jayne Butler, Sally Paffett, David Ellis, Jessica Jones, Danny Wright, April Gilogey, Sid Phoenix, Joey Tadiar and Abigail Susannah

Why Should I Watch? If you've ever seen the film Crash, I guarantee this is a web series you'll love. Crash revolves around the events of one night and how a group of strangers all intertwine and similarly All of Them does as well but over a longer span of time.

In the series' first season we get seven episodes, each one named after its respective character focus. Despite the different storylines, the series sticks to its core themes of love and loneliness in London. Described as a contemporary dating docu-drama, the series is very much that.

What I personally appreciate is the eclectic personalities we see in the series, first starting with Elias (Ikhile), who during the first few seconds of his episode, is clearly taken with his online persona. We immediately see his connection to Adele (Bonfrerf) who we also see glimpses of in the second episode and so on. Gonzalez does an amazing job at creating scenes that feel natural, combine that with the lovely on-screen talent and you've got yourself a hit series!

Where Can I Watch? Three episodes are currently available via Guerilla59's Vimeo channel with four more on the way! Catch up on the series below and check out their social media for any series updates. 

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