Web Series Wednesday | Animal Warmth

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Animal Warmth

Who? Created by Joshua Ray Malan and Kirsten Strough. Starring Yesii Henriquez, Matthew Kelly, Katie Preston, Leta Neustaedter, Brecca Chabot-Olson and Brett Dayne.

Why Should I Watch? Jenna's a bit awkward when it comes to social interaction, specifically physical interaction, but it's not her fault. Animal Warmth is a great series that showcases what it’s like living and dealing with issues related to mental health. The first episode of the series starts with Jenna, who during her therapy session reveals that she is still somewhat working on taking her medication but we also learn that one of her goals, is to become more proactive and assertive in her daily life. Which for someone who struggles with social interaction, is daunting.

From her everyday life at work, grocery shopping and more, it’s clear that Jenna has the desire to help better herself, it’s just a matter of finding the process that works for her. On top of that, it’s pretty clear that Jenna’s most definitely not comfortable with her sexual orientation, something the series delves into later on.

This series is definitely a winner and you’re in luck because there’s seven episodes waiting for you to watch!

Where Can I Watch? Released earlier this year, the entire series is available now via YouTube and keep up with Animal Warmth on social media for news and updates!

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