Web Series Wednesday | As We Are

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? As We Are

Who? Created and written by Deborah Espect. Starring: Jenny Harrold, Fox Fisher, Helen Oakleigh, Hellen Wells Ward, Ashleigh Loeb, Sarah Charsley, Veronica Jean Trickett, Romario Wanliss, Tara Harley and Kate Freeman.

Why Should I Watch? Set in Brighton, England this LGBTQ web series was created after Espect became disenchanted with her favorite lesbian characters always dying on television. Her solution? Create a kickass, positive LGBTQ story with a happy ending. As We Are recently premiered and tells the story of unintentional transphobia and the lack of knowledge that can surround trans issues. 

The series follows Chloe (Jenny Harrold), an artist who struggled to make it and in turn only bruised her already low confidence. Now she works as an administrative assistant for an architect's firm, it pays the bills despite it not being able to feed her creative hunger. When Chloe finds out her ex-girlfriend is in search for a cat sitter, Chloe jumps at the chance to escape her routine life and see what else is out there.

Where Can I Watch? The series currently has four episodes with new episodes airing regularly. You can check them out on Moggy Productions' channel and watch them today! Need more convincing? Check out their trailer!

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