Web Series Wednesday | Blurred

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Blurred

Who? Created by and starring Kyle Anderson and Joe Menconi.

Why Should I Watch? What happens when you have two talented and hilarious guys come together? A web series like Blurred. After a popular eight-episode first season, Menconi and Anderson are back again to bring audiences a second season.

They're your typical 20-something-year-old friends, who no matter what they're doing find themselves in some of the most compromising situations. Whether it's awkward first dates, going to the doctor or just trying to fit in with what's considered "hot" or "trendy," in the moment, Joe and Kyle are there. 

I appreciate the humor in that both actors are able to share some of their own personal experiences and exaggerate them to poke fun at themselves. They're two pretty down to Earth guys who just want to have as much fun as possible and hopefully, keyword, hopefully find themselves girlfriends.

Where Can I Watch? The entire first season is available now in the playlist below or the through their official YouTube account! Keep up with them on social media and tune in tomorrow for their season two premiere!

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