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  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Chapstick

Who? Created by: Charlotte Kennett and Kearney Fagan. Starring: Charlotte Kennett and Kearney Fagan.

Why Should I Watch? Meet Marlo (Kennett) and Addy (Fagan) two best friends dealing with the struggles of being artists, finding their little corner of the world and being women who like women. The Chicago series is fresh off their season one finale featuring a hilarious and all too relatable storyline and some kick ass women in film.

 She just wasn't that into you Marlo, sorry.  Credit: YouTube

She just wasn't that into you Marlo, sorry.
Credit: YouTube

Start off with episode one, Love is Hard, where we witness Marlo's breakdown after her breakup while Addy's there to try and pick up the pieces. It's hilarious and you learn a lot about their girls, their friendship and their very unfortunate events with women. Every episode gives you an inside look to the girls' lives, their somewhat careers and their lady troubles. Reminiscent of Broad City's early comedic internet sketches, Kennett and Fagan are excellent in portraying their characters to a T. My favorite part? Probably the mocking but not so mocking way they represent lives of artists who push the bounds of their creative levels.

Where Can I Watch? All 12 episodes of the first season are available right now! Head on over to their YouTube channel to binge it all and check out their social media for any updates!

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