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  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Coded

Who? Created and written by Steve Neufeld. Starring Jarod Joseph, Rada Pop, Shay Lalor, Joshua Morettin, Matteo Cerullo, Xamantha Guerra, Angela Moore, Orsy Szabo and Joely Collins.

Why Should I Watch? Shae Fitzegerald (Joseph) is new to the teaching world and like most new teachers is excited to make a difference in the lives of students. His class however is made up of five students who all suffer with severe emotional and cognitive problems. But he doesn't give up. Instead Shae blurs the lines between teacher and student, getting to know them on deeper level and shows audiences what happens when people open themselves up to others.

 Going head-to-head with your teacher isn't usually a good thing.  Credit: YouTube

Going head-to-head with your teacher isn't usually a good thing.
Credit: YouTube

Early on we learn that Shae's spent some time in group homes and it's his background and experiences that make him the ideal candidate to relate to some of his trouble students. It isn't just his students giving him grief, on top of them, he has to deal with Sarah (Moore) his principal, Rachel (Collins) a back-stabbing VP and a student's mother who - let's just say is a bit friendlier than she should be. 

The drama web series has been recognized across the globe, earning several awards and nominations. The acting from Neufeld is outstanding as he portrays what looks to be a tough teacher but is really a passionate person who truly just wants to help his students out. If you loved Freedom Writers this web series is worth a shot. It absolutely delivers in terms of production, writing and acting. 

Where Can I Watch? Coded is available now on their official YouTube page with six full episodes. You can check out the official trailer here to give you a quick glimpse or jump right into the entire series to the right!

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