Web Series Wednesday | Crossing the Line

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Crossing the Line

Who? Created and written by Carissa Casula. Directed by Patrick Hunter. Starring Casula, Shaunte Tabb, Liam Seib, Christina Morrell, Connor Noyes, Jake Neuman, Gillian Cooper and Angela Brockunier.

Why Should I Watch? When society sets the rules for what is and isn't okay in social situations, you either get an awkward situation or a front row seat to the bystander effect. So what happens when someone decides to cross that line and act out of the goodness of their hearts? You get Carrie (Casula). She means well, she really does but Carrie finds herself agitating people more than aiding them. 

From overhearing public conversations, helping people with their diets (not that they asked her to), helping a crying baby and more, Carrie is in it for the pure satisfaction of helping people out. Now if only other people felt the same way.

Where Can I Watch? The first six episodes are available to watch today. Each episode is just under four minutes and makes for pure entertainment. Watch it today and be sure to give the series a follow and a like on their social media channels!

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