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  Credit: Vimeo

Credit: Vimeo

What? EastSiders

Who? Created, written and directed by Kat Williamson. Starring Williamson, Van Hansis, Constance Wu, Matthew McKelligon, John Halbach and Stephen Guarino.

Why Should I Watch? After its initial stream on YouTube, EastSiders began streaming on Logo TV's website and more recently is featured on Netflix. After the series originally aired in 2012, EastSiders quickly gained popularity with its portrayal of gay characters whose sexual orientation didn't serve as the main theme.

The series follows Cal (Williamson) and long-time boyfriend Thom (Hansis) who up until recently thought their relationship was perfect. Little did Cal know, Thom was cheating on him with Jeremy (McKelligon) and ever the patient one, Cal decides to stay. While Cal and Thom are the focal point of the series, audiences also meet Kathy (Wu), Cal's best friend who finds herself reaching her six-month anniversary with her boyfriend Ian (Halbach). 

Two seasons later, the Emmy-nominated series just wrapped up its successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $75,000 towards a third season in which the guys hit the road and head back home to LA. In my opinion EastSiders is one of the best LGBTQ+ series out there that doesn't dwell on character sexual orientation and instead is focused on telling compelling stories about people who just so happen to be gay.

Where Can I Watch? The first two seasons of EastSiders are available on Netflix and on Vimeo, with the first two episodes free of the first season. The first two seasons are available for rent or for purchase on Vimeo as well! 

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