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  Credit: Educated Fleas

Credit: Educated Fleas

What? Educated Fleas

Who? Created by Mae Smith and Emily Hornsby. Starring: Crosby Fitzgerald, Jessica Carmen, Joanna Fanizza, Tommy Bernardi, Juan Arturo, Kimberly Wilpon, Alesandra Nahodil, Stephanie Granade and Al Pagano.

Why Should I Watch? Educated Fleas answers the question of, "what did we wish we all knew about sex growing up?" In this sex-positive web series, we follow Ruth (Fitzgerald), a woman in her early 30s, who professionally teaches the wealthy children of NYC about the birds and the bees. The series consists of six episodes, each involving a sex talk with a child which is later re-examined through the lens of an adult's sexual relationship in the life of Ruth or her friends. The series is witty, realistic and quite frankly the only way I wish I learned about sex ed. 

Where Can I Watch? The series currently has five live episodes with the finale airing later today at 3 PM EST. You can catch them all on Vimeo or get a jumpstart below!

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