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Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? End of Term.

Who? Created by Chaz Harris. Written by Chaz Harris and Bea Joblin. Starring: Christopher Buckham, Jayden Daniels, Liam Eldridge-Fright, Rebecca Gumbley, Ruby Hooper, Maria Jones, Peter McKenzie, Thomasin McKenzie, Ellie Neal, Joseph Plunket, Brogan Wilkinson.

Why Should I Watch? If you like zombies and you like web series, this show is the perfect fit for you. After a viral outbreak, a group of ten teenagers find themselves stranded at their high school with no choice but to band together to survive. 

The only full cast shot we get to see in the series. Credit: YouTube

The only full cast shot we get to see in the series.
Credit: YouTube

The 12-episode series is absolutely groundbreaking. From the writing, cinematography, acting and more, this series takes the cake. The series recently was nominated in four categories at this year's LA WebFest and took home two of those awards in Outstanding Sound Design and Score. The series takes on a unique path in storytelling, while most series tell their stories in a timeline fashion, End of Term begins its story from the end and works it way backwards. Setting the series apart is the format in which it's filmed, shot from different devices included a handheld camera and a smartphone, the camera choices add another element altogether.

Each episode focuses on a single cast member as they struggle to remain connected to the human world and transition into the next. One character in particular stands out amongst the rest, Harper played by Brogan Wilkinson, has the hardest time transitioning it seems. While everyone else had adapted to survival mode and doing whatever it takes to live, Harper is still convinced that the zombies are humans. It's heartbreaking and provides audiences with a bit of humanity to hold on to.

Thomasin Mckenzie as Annabel. Credit: YouTube

Thomasin Mckenzie as Annabel.
Credit: YouTube

Joseph Plunket as Dylan Credit: YouTube

Joseph Plunket as Dylan
Credit: YouTube

Other key characters that stand out to us are Annabel (Thomasin McKenzie) and Dylan (Joseph Plunket), whose characters go through huge moments of growth after the outbreak; their stories are too good to spoil, so I'll let you guys watch and find out for yourself! What I liked the most were the character attributes and how I found myself being able to relate to each character on some level. They're kids, forced to grow up a bit too soon with no end in sight. Even if you aren't into zombies, the craftsmanship of the series is still worth the watch!

Where Can I Watch? The entire series is available for your binging purposes right now on their YouTube channel and can also be found on TVNZ. In addition you can find some great BTS content featuring cast members and the writers.

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