Web Series Wednesday | Frank and Lamar

  Credit: Frank and Lamar

Credit: Frank and Lamar

What? Frank and Lamar

Who? Created by Carl Foreman Jr. and Anthony Gaskins, directed by Fred Soligan. Starring Foreman Jr., Gaskins, DeLance Minefee, Vanessa Shealy and Shawtane Monroe Bowen.

Why Should I Watch? An IFC Original, best friends Frank (Foreman Jr.) and Lamar (Gaskins) have skirted through life together but all of that is about to change. 

Their friendship dates all the way to back in the day but we find present day Frank and Lamar living together and working together as middle school teachers in the city that never sleeps. Sounds great, right? Not. After a slew of workplace drama, romance and personal issues get in the, their bromance is put to the ultimate test. 

I really enjoyed the fluidity of the series' writing and how natural everything felt. It's the bromantic version of Broad City with their own version of Jaime in the form of Dr. Walters (Shealy). For me, Frank and Lamar checks all the boxes of what I want out of a web series: comedy, great writing, great production value, interesting relatable characters and some NSFW moments.

Where Can I Watch? Catch all six episodes below or on IFC's official page and fingers crossed this series gets a second season!

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