Web Series Wednesday | Gal Pals

What? Gal Pals

Who? Created by Kallie Tenney and Sarah Soderquist. Starring Katie Stoddard, Skarlett Redd, Anna Wyatt, Katy Erin and Parker Shook.

Why Should I Watch? With a lack of LGBTQ representation in mainstream entertainment Tenney and Soderquist decided to do something about it. They're self-proclaimed as the L Word for the Broad City generation and I'm here to tell you that they've really nailed it. 

Episode one starts up with our introduction to Bee (Stoddard), who as her best friend Olivia (Redd) puts it, needs to stop poaching stood up straight girls. Sounds pretty Shane-ish right? Well it gets better. Olivia, knowing Bee has a problem, grabs her phone and finds out that Bee's basically been catfishing these girls (using a photo of Jeff Goldbum) into meeting only to pick them up as herself. There's just...a lot wrong with that situation but Olivia's on it, don't worry guys.

Apparently this time however, things don't go quite as planned after one of Bee's "targets" ends up following up. What does she want? Well I'm not going to spoil that for you. Olivia sees this as her opportunity to finally set Bee straight (it's okay, I laughed too) and she makes her mission to make sure she doesn't go and fuck it up. 

Where Can I Watch? The series currently has three episodes and you can catch them via their YouTube channel. Also be sure to follow the series below and keep an eye out for new episodes!

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