Web Series Wednesday | How To Buy A Baby

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? How To Buy A Baby

Who? Created by Wendy Litner. Starring Meghan Heffern and Marc Bendavid.

Why Should I Watch? The brilliant brainchild of Wendy Litner, How To Buy A Baby is quite literally, Litner's baby. After dealing with the not-so-great things that come with fertility treatments, Litner decided to take a creative yet comedic approach to talking about the stigma of infertility, which was first brought to life by Canada's Women on Screen organization.

The series follows high school sweethearts turned married couple Jane (Heffern) and Charlie (Bendavid) as they look to taking the next step in the relationship. Becoming parents. They quickly find that their hopes of having a family isn't as easy as it seems and endure a series of fertility treatments.

A project that has been a long time coming, I can honestly say this series was worth the wait. I initially interviewed Litner in 2016 during the early phases of production, after which the series qualified for Canada's Independent Production Fund (IPF) and since then has been picked up as a CBC original comedy series. 

The series shows the raw emotions that couples go through in fertility treatments while helping them laugh at themselves a bit. Litner's approach to helping break the stigma of infertility is something I hope more creators look to do. How To Buy A Baby is the perfect example of the intersection of telling a story and helping shed light on important issues.

Where Can I Watch? The 10-episode series is currently available via CBC Comedy's YouTube Channel for your binging pleasure!

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