Web Series Wednesday | i can't even season 2

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? i can't even.

Who? Created by Alyce and Hayley Adams. Starring Louise Cox and Tiana Hogben.

Why Should I Watch? If you're looking to branch out your web series interests, 10/10 would recommend starting with i can't even. I'll admit, after falling in love with Carmilla and other literary-focused web series, I found myself wondering what else was out there and voila, here comes this masterpiece from the minds of Alyce and Hayley Adams.

 The girls are back and on that  Gilmore Girls  diet, will they survive?!  Credit: YouTube

The girls are back and on that Gilmore Girls diet, will they survive?!
Credit: YouTube

The Melbourne-based web series hooked audiences after its first season in which we meet our leads Em (Cox) and Lex (Hogben), just your average nerdy best friends. So what makes this series so different? Alyce's writing and ability to take pop culture references and turn them into her own storyline is such a joy to stand witness to. Meanwhile, our leads have such a chemistry about them that I'd honestly watch them talk about bread, oh wait, they did that in season one! Peeta, anyone?

This season Em and Lex discuss fan favorites Game of ThronesGilmore Girls, The Walking Dead and more. If you're a fan of fandom in general, this series is something you'll want to re-watch over and over again and thanks to the Adams girls, you can.

Where Can I Watch? Both seasons are available for you today, as is in right now as you are reading this very sentence. Give it a watch in the playlist below and make sure to keep an eye out on their social media and tell the i can't even. team how much you love them!

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