Web Series Wednesday | Inhuman Condition

What? Inhuman Condition

Who? Created by RJ Lackie. Starring: Torri Higginson, Cara Gee, Clara Pasieka, Robin Dunne, Thomas Olajide, Angela Asher, Shaun Benson, Niamh Wilson, Chris Owens, Wesley French and Murray Urqhart.

Why Should I Watch? After a long journey to stream, the web series baby of RJ Lackie's (All for One, Soliloquies of Santiago) finally graced our screens earlier this year. Featuring an all-star cast with impressive resumes the series really took everyone by surprise.

The world in this series is different. It's changed, some would argue for the better some for the worse. It's not a world where people are judged on their sexuality, but more on supernatural afflictions they may have providing a wonderful metaphor to society today.

We're introduced to three core characters who deal with supernatural afflictions, Clara (Pasieka) the "walker" or what we know as a zombie, Linc (Olajide) the werewolf and Tamar (Gee) a woman with powers even unbeknownst to herself. What ties them together? Dr. Kessler (Higginson) a therapist running from her own problems. The 33-episode series just wrapped up their season finale early last week leaving viewers both pleased and wanting more - but you can make that judgement for yourselves :)

Where Can I Watch? For those who haven't been religiously watching the supernatural web series, the entire season is available for your binging pleasure right now through KindaTV's network. Check it out, show the cast and crew some love and share what you loved most!

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