Web Series Wednesday | The Anonymous Lives of John & Jane

What? The Anonymous Lives of John & Jane

Who? Co-created by and starring Jacquie Militano and Ryan Wright.

Why Should I Watch? John (Wright) and Jane (Militano) are your typical nobodies living in a city of wannabe somebodies.

 Nice PJs John!  Credit: YouTube

Nice PJs John!
Credit: YouTube

The series stars off with a pretty clear feature of who John and Jane are. John is clearly much more put together while Jane...Well she's a wildcard that one. I love the side-by-side intro in which audiences get to see more of their misfortune being nobodies. Sometimes it's hard to describe the premises for each episode but I promise that after watching the first three alone you'll find yourself being able to relate to something every time!

The series follows the lives of both city dwellers as they struggle through trying to fit in with the rest of the world. From what we can tell, their lives, for the most part are pretty mediocre and they accept that but in the second season we get to see a bit more of a change! While John is wanting to be a somebody, the ever relaxed and quirky Jane is pretty okay being a nobody and just watching the somebodies around her.

I love the chemistry between the group of friends in the series, which reminds me of the cast from The League. The web series makes for a great watch when you're looking for something new and funny to check out! So what're you waiting for? Get to watching!

Where Can I Watch? The first and second season are both available for binging now through their production company, Q.U. Productions Co.'s, YouTube channel. Be sure to follow and subscribe as they also release some great BTS content!

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