Web Series Wednesday | Keloid

What? Keloid

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Who? Created by Huriyyah Muhammad. Starring David Nixon, Aba Woodruff, Kenna Jackson, Frederic Jean, Jessica Fontaine, Reynaldo Piniella and Vince Edgehill.

Why Should I Watch? Before we dive into the why, I want to take a moment to talk about the Black TV & Film Collective (BTFC), the non-profit responsible for this supernatural web series. Comprised of television and film screenwriters, digital content creators, directors, cinematographers and other creatives, BTFC's purpose is create opportunities for people of color to achieve their long-term goals within the industry. 

So why am I calling out their mission statement? Because it's important that as the entertainment industry continues to grow that the community grows with it. So yes, that means more POC in on screen, more POC off screen, more POC in general to be honest and that's why I have such a soft spot for BTFC and Keloid.

So back to Keloid! Keloid (Nixon) is the series lead who wants nothing but to be a typical teenager but that's the problem, Keloid is anything but typical. Given the abilities of telephathy, teleportation, telekinesis and control of electricity, Keloid's a freaking superhero, but does he really want to be? With the support of his mother, things start to quickly go downhill as we quickly find out Keloid's abilities have been skipping stages which is unheard of, at least that's what we know for now.

The series is beautifully written with great production value. Nixon's acting is also one to brag about as he maintains great character composition from giving us the vulnerability and personality of a teenage boy, while showing us his adult side. The first episode jumps straight into action and honestly, we want you guys to see it for yourself, so what're you waiting for?

Where Can I Watch?
Watch it above or check out the series on YouTube through BTFC's channel and keep an eye out on their social for updates and new episodes!

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