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Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Knights of New Jersey

Who? Written and directed by Mike Hadley. Starring: Kurt Smith, Benny Elledge, Mackenzie Lansing, Len Nash, Joseph Beuerlein, Jason Burford, Patrick Faerber, Drew Moore, GJ Marko, Mary Malloy, Jarrett Lopez, Joey Grennan and Michael A. Hadley.

What trouble is coming this time? Credit: YouTube

What trouble is coming this time?
Credit: YouTube

Why Should I Watch? In a world of conventions dedicated to comics, entertainment and music, there's a special kind of convention that often falls through the cracks. Renaissance Faires. Yes, you read that correctly, I said Renaissance Faires. Creator, Hadley answers the question "what happens when you cross The Office with Medieval Times?" and he did not fail to deliver.

The series gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the daily happenings at your local Renaissance Faire and shows that it's more than just turkey legs and fake swords. You dive into the Faire life following reenactors and what drives them to pursue a world of make believe where chivalry isn't dead, sword-fighting is in fact real and Game of Thrones cosplay rivalry is not something to mess with.

Next to the writing and much appreciated Game of Thrones humor, the cast ensemble is what stands out next, which earned the series the Best Ensemble award at the Brooklyn Web Fest. It's amazing to see the actors jump from being very much in character, to being mundane folk (basically non-Renaissance Faire participators). The series holds a number of accolades including Best Director and is an honest, real web series showing the passion and daily drama that comes with putting on a six-week outdoor festival.

Where Can I Watch? Great news! The entire first series is available for your binge pleasure immediately on their YouTube Channel and in even better news, you can check out the trailer for the second season here.

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