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  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? LA Web Series

Who? Created and written by Alexandra Swarens. Starring Emma Maddock, Alexandra Swarens and Hannah Elder. Cinematography by Ona Isart.

Why Should I Watch? First off, it's pride month. Second, the series is created by some amazing women and thirdly, the story. Landon (Maddock) and Avery (Swarens) meet by chance. Their pasts are vastly different but one moment puts them at the same place at the same time, despite the different paths the girls are one. Landon is heading back to English in the morning and while the timing isn't ideal, the girls take a chance anyway and spend their night roaming around Los Angeles where they quickly find themselves falling for each other. It's a story of possibilities and with the promise of reconnecting years later, there's no telling where these ladies might find themselves.

The series has a beautiful way of telling a story about connection and despite how short they've known each other, the everlasting impressions that they leave on one another. I love the message that Swarens tries to convey in that strangers are just strangers until we decide to do something about it. If we weren't so hooked onto our phones, what might happen and more importantly, who might we meet along the way?

Where Can I Watch? The entire first season is available now via YouTube. You can binge all 8 episodes today and keep an eye out on LA Web Series' social media for updates on the upcoming second season!

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