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Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Man-O

Who? Written and directed by Adam Christie. Starring: Christie, Karen P. Brown, Liz Taylor, Nkasi Ogbonnah, Susan Finlayson, Annie MacKay and Lindsay Middleton.

Why Should I Watch? I'm going to preface this now with a trigger warning, this series contains content that some viewers may find triggering. Presented by First Grade Films, Man-O follows Owen (Christie) a 25-year-old suffering from anorexia nervosa and in eight days he'll be entering an inpatient treatment facility to treat his disease. The seven episodes leading up to his admittance will give you first hand look at what it's really like to deal with the disease and the effects it has on not only Owen but those around him.

Adam Christie as Owen Credit: YouTube

Adam Christie as Owen
Credit: YouTube

If people knew what was going on inside of my head, they would never look at me the same way again.
— Man-O, Episode 1

Christie's approach to telling the story from a male perspective is refreshing, while most stories of eating disorders shared are female-facing, it's important to remember that males also suffer from the disease. The opening sequence alone will move you to tears as Owen introduces the teachings he was told to uphold early on in life, that males weren't meant to cry in public, that men are only to show two emotions, joy and anger, it's incredibly moving, which only sets the expectations for the episodes to come.

In the first episode we quickly learn Owen's an actor which probably doesn't seem like the best career choice given his mental health issues, but you immediately learn how much it impacts his life, the choices he makes and his own opinions of himself. Shot in black and white, the series continues a documentary approach as we learn more about Owen.

Where Can I Watch? The seven-episode series is available via YouTube. You can start watching below and you can cross your fingers with me that we get more amazing content like this from Christie.

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