Web Series Wednesday | Method or Madness

What? Method or Madness

Who? Created by and starring Nikki Gold and Gerard Bianco Jr.

 All we wanted to do was to buy this couch...  Credit: YouTube

All we wanted to do was to buy this couch...
Credit: YouTube

Why Should I Watch? Method or Madness is a New York based improvised, comedic web series following the misadventures of best friends Nikki and Gerard. Like most New Yorkers, they're looking to become somebodies and we get to tag along for the ride watching the struggling actors try to make it big and have their dreams come true.

 This child is insane...  Credit: YouTube

This child is insane...
Credit: YouTube

A standout episode that shows the comedic duos' well-rounded acting skills is season two, episode two. Like other struggling actors, Nikki's taken to some random jobs here and there, babysitting being one of them. She plays off of Vanessa, a feisty little kid that's determined to have the classiest of classy tea parties but is keen on keeping Nikki on her toes the entire time, that is until Gerard shows up.

The rapport between Gerard and Nikki is phenomenal, you can tell their true comedians to the core as they feed off of one another bringing each scene to the next level without overdoing it. The series released their second season earlier this year after their first season was met with much success with festival screenings around the world and recipient of numerous awards. 

Where Can I Watch? Both seasons are available for binge watching now on their YouTube channel or directly from their website. Get to watching and immerse yourself in the world of Nikki and Gerard and you might just wish you were with them for their adventures!

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