Web Series Wednesday | Mina Murray’s Journal

 Credit:  YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Mina Murray’s Journal

Who? Created and written by James Moran. Starring: Rosie Holt, Kate Soulsby, Liam Dryden and Matt Hargreaves. 

 Credit:  YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Why Should I Watch? Mina’s Murray’s Journal, a British web series gives a modern vlog style adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula. 

The series starts with Mina debating on whether she should embark out on a quick (and free) business trip to Romania. What could go wrong? *Cue dramatic ring tones*

Mina, a young 23 year old — who discovers like most of us, that bills, romantic woes, and work are just a few of life’s obstacles. Of course, these obstacles *might* fail in comparison while on route to her business trip, weather not permitting, and the road…disappears. She’s left with the only option to stay in the Count’s guest room. No swimming pool, no spa treatments, nada. 

 Credit:  YouTube

Credit: YouTube

You will want to see how this one plays out. Viewers can follow along with additional character vlogs and trans-media to help expand the intense, but amusing universe. 

Where Can I Watch? Mina’s Murray’s Journal is available now on their official YouTube page with nine full episodes, with additional characters’ vlogs. The final episode airs this Thursday at 11am GMT! 

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