Web Series Wednesday | Namaste, Bitches

  Credit: Namaste, Bitches

Credit: Namaste, Bitches

What? Namaste, Bitches

Who? Created by Summer Chastant. Written, directed and produced by Mary Gillen Blythe. Starring: Summer Chastant, Edi Gathegi, Parvesh Cheena, Luke Matheny, Sujata Day, Alex Dawson, Adele Rene, Keirin Brown, Oren Skoog, Henry McMillan and Tania Verafield.

Why Should I Watch? In a world of vision boards, meditation and flexibility you never thought possible, comes Namaste, Bitches, a series following the competitive and dark side of the yoga world. Sabine (Chastant) decides to head west leaving her home in New York City to pursue her yoga teaching career in sunny Los Angeles. 

Sabine is oddly naive as she jumps head first into the LA lifestyle and what she thought would be an easy transition with the other yogis turns out be a freaking nightmare and that's putting it nicely. Given a trial teaching position at a small studio, Sabine does her best to show off her talent and gain a following while trying her best not to piss off other phony materialist instructors who radiate anything but good vibes and the vindictive receptionist.

The series is dripping with sarcasm and witty-one liners and Chastant is amazing as she channels her inner badass in bringing Sabine to life. Throw in a talented and diverse cast and you've got yourself one badass web series.

Where Can I Watch? The six-episode series is available on on Chastant's YouTube channel and be sure to give them a shout on their social media and keep an eye out for more episodes!

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