Web Series Wednesday | Nasty Women Talk Back

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Nasty Women Talk Back

Who? Created by K. Rocco Shields. Featuring guest appearances from Trish Bendix, Laura Wise, Lauren Russell, Erin Faith Wilson, Brittany Ashley and more.

Why Should I Watch? In world where powerful men are constantly bringing down powerful women, K. Rocco Shields decided to fight the fuck back (pardon my French, not really). The talk show series was created in an effort to become a virtual outlet for women to come together and discuss current events that directly affect them.

Featured on GO Mag, the series has created quite an audience after taking on sensitive issues such as the most recent Presidential election, the Muslim Ban and more. The series is provocative and empowering as real women share their experiences. Often times people wonder, "Who are the people truly affected by XYZ." These women are those people. These women are creating a dialogue because they genuinely want to support one another and you can too. Support the series, support this series and most importantly, support each other.

Where Can I Watch? The series currently has 7 episodes and are available via GOMag.com or on their YouTube channel. You can check out the series' trailer now (featured right) and be sure to follow the nasty women on social media for updates!

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