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  Credit: Other People's Children

Credit: Other People's Children

What? Other People's Children

Who? Created by Anna Maria Hozian and Brad Riddell. Starring: Atra Asdou, Brooke Breit, Karisa Bruin, Ronald L. Conner, Mary Cross, Lorena Diaz, Meg Elliot, Minita Gandhi, Jeff Garretson, Victor Holstein, Ryan Kitley, Scott Morehead, Sara Sevigny and Michael Tepeli.

Why Should I Watch? Her whole life Margot Antler (Asdou) envisioned becoming a renowned novelist, complete with a three-book deal and a summer house in Ghent. Fast forward to 2017 where she's actually Ms. Antler, newbie second-grade teacher at Hopkins Elementary, stepping in for someone's (at the time) maternity leave. 

For a while it's not that bad but as Margot finds herself thrown to the wolves at parent-teacher conference night, she's realizing that maybe her students aren't the issue and their parents actually are. The series features upcoming talent from Chicago's finest (hooray hometown!) and is co-created by DePaul Screenwriting professors, Hozian and Riddell, who took inspiration from parental traits they may or may not have seen firsthand exposed to from the school district both of their children attend.

On the creation of the series Hozian said, "We wanted to create something that captured those qualities and frame them in a funny, satirical way that allows parents to say, 'I know someone like her!' or 'I've done that!' We also really, really love teachers, and we wanted to give them a good laugh at our expense!"

For a quick clip, check out the series trailer below!

Where Can I Watch? The nine-episode series is available now via YouTube and you can follow the series on social media for more tidbits!

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