Web Series Wednesday | Personified

What? Personified.

Who? Created by and starring Noah Baron and Ross Willett.

Why Should I Watch? Ever wondered what it would be like if the inanimate objects around you came to life? That’s the premise of Personified, the first web series from Noah Baron and Ross Willett, the sketch comedy pair behind Just Another Production Productions.

For those of us who haven’t taken an English 101 class in a while, to personify is “to attribute a personal nature or human characteristic to something nonhuman.” (Thanks dictionary.com!) Personified runs with this idea, bringing to life food, shoes and all the other things lying around your apartment that aren’t supposed to talk back.

Put down the bagel! Credit: YouTube

Put down the bagel!
Credit: YouTube

"I'm in your favorite things. I'm in pasta. I'm in beer..." Credit: YouTube

"I'm in your favorite things. I'm in pasta. I'm in beer..."
Credit: YouTube

The five-episode series follows Baron’s character, an average 20-something year old going through his daily routine, all the while sharing his feelings with the inanimate objects around him. And boy, do they share their feelings right back. Willett, who portrays the objects, is a delight to watch – playing everything from an emotionally sensitive set of keys to a smothered iPhone, needing some space.

The concept might sound outrageous but the series is super relatable, not to mention entertaining. The dialogue between Baron and Willett is reminiscent of conversations you’ve probably had with a friend or significant other. In the pilot episode, Baron’s character breaks up with gluten and I almost forgot that Willett was playing a bagel because he sounded so much like my ex.

And that’s how Personified is going to connect with every single person that watches it. The majority of the characters may be inanimate objects, but they’re treated like real people with real feelings. It makes for one interesting and hilarious web series.

Where Can I Watch? All five episodes of Personified were released on June 1 and are currently available to binge on YouTube. So what are you waiting for?! And if you enjoy the series, be sure to subscribe to Just Another Production Productions’ YouTube channel. The comedic duo put out a new video every Wednesday.

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