Web Series Wednesday | Relationsheep

Credit: Relationsheep

Credit: Relationsheep

What? Relationsheep

Who? Written and directed by Amberly Cull. Starring: Cull, Lee Naimo and Jonathan MacMillan.

Why Should I Watch? Anyone who has had a relationship knows that it isn't always going to be sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it's going to suck, a lot. Some people might look into couples counseling and some might rely on their Relationsheep. Which isn't what you think it is, unless you're thinking of a sheep/man hybrid, then well, you are right.

Following serious businessman Steve (MacMillan), and his adult-baby of a girlfriend, Myrtle (Cull), the Australian web series follows their journey of rekindling what once was through the help of a Relationsheep (Naimo). By nature, a Relationsheep's job is to fix relationnships in order for them to get their wings. Why do they need wings you ask? Well I'm not going to tell you, that would defeat the whole purpose of watching now wouldn't it? Created and written by Cull herself, you won't want to deny yourself the puns and silliness that makes this series one baahd-ass series.

Where Can I Watch? The six-part web series is available now! Take a peek via their YouTube channel or start watching below!

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