Web Series Wednesday | Retail Rejects

What? Retail Rejects

Who? Written by Tiffany Tong and Irma Artanis. Starring: Allie Pev, Tiffany Tong, Zlatko Stipic, Maddie Webber, Tomas Mauro, Vivian Tang, and Jessica Zhang.

Why Should I Watch? Retail Rejects premiered earlier this week featuring an amazingly diverse cast. The series follows the horrifying truths that all retail folk experience at one point or another and how the people on the other side of the counter handle them. 

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

Get thrown into the cut throat world of retail and watch as sales people turn on their own to clock in commission and deal with nasty customers. Distributed through Nacho Wifeys, the series features some great Canadian comedic talent some of whom are the faces of other comedic shorts you may have seen online!

Where Should I Watch? The first episode can be seen now on YouTube with new episodes to follow! Stay up-to-date with the cast and keep an eye out for some hilarious BTS footage on Nacho Wifeys' social media!

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