Web Series Wednesday | Riley Parra

  Credit: tello films

Credit: tello films

What? Riley Parra

Who? Created by Geonn Cannon. Directed by Christin Baker. Starring: Marem Hassler, Liz Vassey, Connor Trinneer, Connor Kelly-Eiding, Maeve Quinlan and Karl E. Sander.

Why Should I Watch? An original novel by Geonn Cannon and with the help from tello films, turned web series, Riley Parra is the lesbian Rizzoli and Isles mixed with a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer we all deserved. Riley (Hassler) is a good cop in a corrupt department who finds herself in a heated war between angels and demons in her own city. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, both the angels and demons have chosen mortal champions in a fight to win once and for all. Naturally, the Good side selects Riley as their champion.

As the series unfolds we learn a lot about Riley's past, her life growing up in the bad side of town, previous work partners and a whole lot of supernatural. You'll question why Riley's colleague Kara (Kelly-Eiding) is being so...off and you'll swoon over Dr. Gillian Hunt (Vassey) while she makes Riley blush without much effort.

 Riley (Hassler) and Gillian (Vassey) - ship it, I ship it!  Credit: tello films

Riley (Hassler) and Gillian (Vassey) - ship it, I ship it!
Credit: tello films

Having seen my fair share of tello productions, this is by far one of my favorites, mainly for the production value and the quality of the talent involved. You'll love the cinematography, the excellent scene transitions and the acting. Oh, the acting is wonderful and you may even see some guest appearances from previous tello productions! But the excellent on-screen chemistry and fluidity of the writing is something I wish I saw more in mainstream entertainment, until then, I'll divulge myself in Riley Parra. The series sought funding via Indiegogo for $7,000 USD and in the end, ended up raising more than half of that. In development for over two years, I can 110% say that it was worth the wait. 

And for all those video game fans, you might recognize the slight accent slip up here and there from Hassler (which we adore, by the way) and that's because she plays the lovely Julia Vasco in Madden NFL 18: Longshot, which my nerdy self of course appreciated. 

Where Can I Watch? The series is exclusively on tello films and for just $4.99 a month, giving you access to other hit lesbian series. For now, you can drool over the trailer below and keep an eye out for our episode recaps of the series coming soon!

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