Web Series Wednesday | Running with Violet

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Running with Violet

Who? Co-created by Rebecca Davey and Marie-Claire Marcotte. Directed by Lindsay MacKay. Starring: Rebecca Davey, Marie-Claire Marcotte, Violet Alfred, Jessii Vee, Jamie Spilchuk, Claire Armstrong, John Boylan, Maria Vacratsis, John Cleland, Shannon Kook, Debora Demestre, Katherine Gauthier, Jonelle Gunderson, Peyson Rock, Sabryn Rock, Rachelle Casseus, Djennie Laguerre and Kevin Kase.

Why Should I Watch? A 2016 IPF recipient, Running with Violet follows lonely housewife Miranda (Marcotte), single mother Jolene (Davey) and her daughter Violet, played by Davey's real life daughter! 

We meet Miranda in the opening scene of the series and immediately we get some weird vibes from her husband Blair (Spilchuk). She's off to get her hair done by Jolene who we quickly learn is a single mother with a father who is very dependent on her. On a whim, the girls decide to embark on a girl's weekend but after Miranda has a rather physical altercation with her husband, things get twisted upside down pretty quickly.

Things go quickly awry as Miranda's secret is revealed and Jolene wants nothing but to get back home and away from Miranda. And honestly, can you blame her? The girls are pulled down every wrong turn as they find themselves running away from one crime after another as they continue down this thrilling open road journey.

Beautifully written, each episode is filled with adventure, humor, drama and adorable moments from baby Violet herself! Davey and Marcotte play off of each other so wonderfully that you'll be dying for a Bonnie and Clyde remake starring the both of them! 

Where Can I Watch? The entire series is available now on YouTube where you can also catch some awesome BTS footage. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!

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