Web Series Wednesday | Sorry, Ari

  Credit: Vimeo

Credit: Vimeo

What? Sorry, Ari

Who? Created and written by Ari Frenkel. Starring: Ari Frenkel, Lori Nierzwick, Karl Girolamo, Stephen Guarino, Joe Conti, Christine Ko, Ken Kirby, Sumalee Montano, Sofia Marie Gonzales, Patty Guggenheim, Colleen Foy, Molly McCook and Jamie Renee Smith.

Why Should I Watch? Sorry, Ari is a comedic web series starring Ari Frenkel as Ari. The series follows your favorite charming guy who just can't seem to catch a break. You'd think that maybe it's something he's doing wrong but at this point we're chalking it up to a bundle of bad luck.

The series features a well-rounded and talented cast starring in episodes that are both funny and relevant. The most recent bonus episode focused on the upcoming election in which Ari is faced with the question many Americans are asking themselves, "him or her?" We won't spoil it but the episode is a great reminder that every vote counts.

Where Can I Watch? The first season is comprised of eight episodes and a bonus election episode available via Vimeo. Check out the trailer here to get a better idea of what the series is about and then head on over to the full episodes!

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