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  Credit: Stray

Credit: Stray

What? Stray

Who? Written and created by Pablo Andreu. Starring Sha James Beamon and Cameron Clarke.

Why Should I Watch? What do you get when a brash gay dude and a nerdy straight white guy reconnect years after college? You get Jay (Beamon) and Rich (Clarke) a bromance sure to top all bromances from here on out.

One of my favorite things about the series is the filter-free conversations between the friends and how easily they talk about sexuality. My favorite episode would be episode 2: Tops & Bottoms. From the title you're probably able to figure out what the episode is about but it's freaking hilarious the way Jay deconstructs Rich's awkwardness to tell him the reality between attraction between two men and attraction between a man and a woman.

Where Can I Watch? The entire first season is available today on Stray's official YouTube Channel or you can start watching via the playlist to the right! Give it a watch and let us know what you liked the most!

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