Web Series Wednesday | Stupid Idiots

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Stupid Idiots

Who? Written and directed by Stephanie Koenig, starring Koenig and Brian Jordan Alvarez.

Why Should I Watch? You know that BFF that you'd follow until the end of the earth? That's essentially what Brian and Stephanie are to one another in this comedic web series.

The banter between Stephanie and Brian hardly miss a beat as they seem to out idiot each other in every scene. The first episode is personally a favorite as we meet our series' leads get a feel for their personalities. We open with the duo having no idea what they do at their job but don't worry, they plan on making it big as DJs...because they obviously bring in 50 million a gig, obviously.

They're adorably naive and the writing from Koenig resembles that of something that should very much be on television, so imagine my surprise when I find out the series is headed for television thanks to Paramount TV and Anonymous Content. I will say that this kind of humor sometimes struggles between being too much or not enough but Koenig does a great job at balancing the humor and the personality of her characters. Also keep an eye out for the adorable pup that is Ripley in episode four! Needless to say, I'm very much excited to see where the series ends up. Will we ever find out what Stephanie and Brian do, will THEY ever find out what their day job is? Will they make it as successful hip hop/violin mixing DJs? So many questions, so little answers!

Check out the series today and if you love Koenig and Alvarez's chemistry, be sure to check out Alvarez's other web series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo!

Where Can I Watch? Coming soon, Stupid Idiots is being adapted for television but in the meantime, you can catch six episodes today on YouTube.

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