Web Series Wednesday | Swerve

  Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

What? Swerve

Who? Created by Jason Armstrong. Starring: Emily Alatalo, Sharon Belle, Kat Inokai, Mike Klassen and Jason Leighfield.


Why Should I Watch? From Skeleton Key Films (SKG) and the creator of 9 Days with Cambria, Jason Armstrong is back with another emotional roller coast of a web series. Known for casting actors he's previously worked with, Swerve features the talent of Sharon Belle, Kat Inokai and Emily Alatalo all of whom who played Cambria in Armstrong's last series.

Following the lives of Elise (Belle), Jen (Inokai) and Stevie (Alatalo), three lost souls who find their lives intertwining in the most beautiful ways. If you're familiar with 9 Days with Cambria you'll find stigmatized issues are once again a topic of conversation without actually being a topic of conversation. You'll fall in love with every flaw and every part attribute each character has to offer. In lieu of spoilers, Swerve will leave you wanting more at the end of each episode. Unlike other seriesthe music selection lends itself as almost a third-party character to the series with songs from a variety of genres such as EDM, classical and even some original compositions from Armstrong himself. A web series filmed in just four days, you wouldn't even guess it based on the production value and the way the series is presented. A true testament to what web series can be with the right amount of passion, Swerve should be next on your web series list.

And fair warning, expect to feel ALL the feels. 

Where Can I Watch? The series wrapped up last Saturday after SKG dropped a surprise sixth episode that revealed quite a plot twist. You can binge the entire series now and check out the other work from SKG today!

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