Web Series Wednesday | This is Taylor

What? This is Taylor

Who? Written by Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo. Starring Justine Nelson, Felicia Simone, Gwen Cumyn and Winny Clarke.

Why Should I Watch? From Gay Women Channel (GWC) comes another web series but this time made for mobile. GWC released earlier this month their first Snapchat web series featuring Taylor (Nelson) as she strives to understand her newfound lesbianism with some much needed help from her BFF Kelsey (Simone). Of course the series wouldn't be complete without a leading lady's, lady. Enter Madison played by the always adorable Gwen Cumyn and even a few cute cameos from Winny Clarke!

While some of Taylor's daily Snaps are a bit short, it definitely gives the millennial vibe that so many people have embraced of oversharing their daily lives and broadcasting it to the world. I applaud the creators in coming up with an innovative way to tell a story that makes you come back everyday to see what happens next. Another nice element is in which Taylor interacts with her audience asking viewers to screenshot their favorite date looks, whether or not their photo actually wins is another story, but you get the point that's trying to be made with this new medium of storytelling.

The series takes place over a total of 32 days where audience members can follow the uni student in her day-to-day life. Some highlight moments include Taylor's attempt at cooking, keyword, attempt. Trying to woo the ladies, stargazing, reality show binging and more. The series is quickly coming to an end in which audience members will find themselves begging for more! Do yourselves a favor and go meet Taylor.

Where Can I Watch? If you've been keeping up with the series new episodes can found be daily via GWC's Snapchat and if you're new, well you're in luck. The entire series can be found on Vimeo for just a small fee of $3.99! Head on over not to check it out or watch the series' trailer to learn more!

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