Web Series Wednesday | Transition to Power

  Credit: Transition to Power

Credit: Transition to Power

What? Transition to Power

Who? Created by On The Real Film in collaboration with Sixty Inches From Center, featuring local Chicago artists.

Why Should I Watch? After the 2016 Presidential Election, things changed. Everyone felt it. There was a shift in which many people felt unsafe, unheard, alone and so much more than that. In an effort to help strengthen the bonds of those who felt unheard, two Chicago groups collaborated to create something beautiful.

Transition to Power features local Chicago artists as they go through the motions following the aftermath of the recent election. It's a no-filter discussion as folks revel in the reality of what's transpired. The discussions are real, they will make you re-evaluate how you've handled everything, it will make you uncomfortable and honestly, that's the damn point. There other ways to empower yourself in the dark days that have followed and the creativity and importance behind Transition to Power's messaging is honestly one of the best things I've seen come out of this election.

After watching the series and taking it all in, it's made me want to talk more, learn more, listen more, work harder and I hope it does the same for you.

Artists featured:
Felicity Holman, Interdisciplinary Artist and Adminstrator
Tony Fitzpatrick, Visual Artist, Writer, Actor
RA, Poet and Bookmaker
James T. Green, Artist and Radio Producer
Paola Aguirre, Architectural and Urban Designer
Hannah Welever, Filmmaker
Max Sansing, Painter, Muralist
Jenny Lam, Artist, Curator, Writer
Sarah Sears, Artist and Art Director

Where Can I Watch? The series is available on Vimeo with nine full episodes. Start watching today!

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