Web Series Wednesday | V L O G

What? V L O G

Who? Written and directed by Jay Diaz. Starring Rya Meyers, Joshua David Evans, Noah Baron, Courtney Sauls and Victoria Ramirez.

Why Should I Watch? Over the years, YouTube has been flooded with vloggers in hopes of becoming the next internet sensation. What many audiences fail to realize however is the false positivity that takes place. It's the idea that fans of these vloggers only seeing these influencers happy because of it being the only aspect of their lives being shared. It's this mindset that sometimes backfires, making audiences believe that something must be wrong with them if they aren't as happy or cheerful as their favorite YouTuber. 

Jay Diaz's web series V L O G, tackles this topic head on as he creates a web series within a vlog series. The series follows Rya as her life is told through eyes of her camera lens showing audiences what goes on in front of the camera and behind it. The series is a must watch and a topic of discussion that isn't talked about enough. 

Where Can I Watch? The series is available now via Jay Diaz's YouTube Channel featuring the entire first series. While you're there, check out more work from Diaz and be sure to follow him on social media for more web series goodness!

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